International Festival for Islamic Arts, Crafts and Creativity, May 2017
What today is known as Islamic handicraft and art, in Iranian universities and public context, includes a wide range of arts that once created a large part of practical objects for human life. Indeed, handicraft products have been art as well as applied works. Nowadays; because of industrialization and mass production of these applied objects, and the lack of creativity as well as stagnation of this field, handicrafts are facing a challenge.
In the recent years, serious efforts have been made in academic areas to provide practical solution for creating a connection between handicrafts and contemporary world. An example of these efforts is offering university degrees in fields such as pottery, wood, glass, metal, miniature and rug. Nevertheless; it appears that crafts, for their survival, need a change in various aspects such as design, performance, techniques and training. Emphasis on these aspects and creating a competitive atmosphere among young artists can be beneficial.
Tabriz Islamic Art University, based on a memorandum of understanding closed with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, will hold the 3th International Festival for Islamic Arts, Crafts and Creativity in May 2017. The policy making council of festival has decided to hold a competition for artists on national level. By selecting and introducing innovative and creative works in the field of miniature, it aims to encourage creativity and innovation in this art. In this competition, special emphasis will be put on features such as creativity in design and innovation in traditional techniques.

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