International Division

In this section, as in previous festivals, debates in the form of scientific papers will be presented in conjunction with the Arts of Islamic countries. The order of speakers from different countries to provide articles about the arts Islamic countries have been invited. The most important thing in this regard, according to various aspects of Islamic art in society.Other topics of the conference, are culture, economy, innovation, restoration and update for the arts which have been forgotten nowadays. Festival will discuss with a scientific approach about these sections. The International Exhibition is include two approach: Art and practical approach. In this regard, the 33-member Organization of Islamic studies such as Jordan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Palestine, have been invited. Other member states, about 58 artists in several areas such as arts, leather, jewelery, bookbinding traditional, needlework, wood, carpet, metal, clothes, applique, tiling, painting, an illuminated, weaving dyeing fabrics, etc. are invited to come .

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